VSAR_302: Robert Mapplethorpe

March 20, Wednesday. I just watched one documentary of Robert Mapplethorpe who was an American photographer known for his sensitive but straightforward treatment of controversial subjects in large, highly stylized black and white photographic. At the time, many of his photographic works were controversial. Many people cannot accept and appreciate his works. Because many of them are about homosexual. As we all know, homosexual was not accepted by the whole society in the 1980s. However, Mapplethorpe focus on photographing naked men and women and also deliberately showing genitals. Sometimes, he even showed the obscene and disgusting images between guys by camera. It is interesting that he became a popular artist after that. From Mapplethorpe, I learned that if you want to be a famous and influential artist, you need to make your mind open and do things that others have no courage to try. Simply imitating others will not succeed after all.


VSAR_302: Studio Portraits

March 14, it was my first time entering the media studio. I felt so curious about everything in it. We first listened to Arthur Marquez’s lecture who is a Navy diver. Then, we followed professor’s steps to shoot with different types of lighting. Above are my best 5 photos. Short lighting, Butterfly lighting, Side lighting, Broad lighting, and Rembrandt lighting.

VSAR_302: Environment Portraits

March 13, 2019. I took the photos for Taryn in the Starbucks which is opposite the school. Her job is an Audio/Visual specialist in the school. During daily life, she likes to take photos and videos with DSLR. Then she edits them by Lr and Pr. The first picture contains negative space, balance-asymmetrical, and rule of thirds. The second one contains leading lines, and rule of thirds. The third one contains patterns and rule of thirds.

VSAR_313: Micro World

These are my productions which are made by scanner. I think most of people, when they first see these photos, probably think of them as the texture of bark, or a satellite image of the mountains, or the texture of the wall. However, it is actually the skin of human’s hand and a pencil mark on a piece of white paper. These micro photos show that the other world which is very tiny, but somehow similar as the real world. When I saw these photos, I felt stunned and the magic of nature. In addition, micro photos can help people know more about the tiny world. Then, people can use these on education, medical field, etc. Anyway, it is a meaningful thing for human.

VSAR_313: Watermark

March, 10. I watched the “Watermark” which is the film produced by Jennifer Baichwal and Edward Burtynsky. It talks about the relationship between people and water. As we all know, if a person does not drink water for 3 days, he will face the threat of death. In fact, human life cannot sustain without water even one day. People need water for the most basic three meals, water is needed for factory production, water is needed for washing clothes, etc. There are many places in the world that are still in a state of drought. Many people are still struggling with drinking water. From this film, I learned that people should cherish water resources and protect water resources. Plant more trees in the arid area and learn to reuse water resources. These ways will help a lot for people to protect water resources. At the same time, many schools organize students to plant trees on Labor Day and educate students plant trees can protect the global environment, prevent water loss and many other benefits. In addition, some people recognize that reuse of water not only saves money but also saves water. They usually reuse water two or three times. So, Let us act now to protect the water we depend on for survival.

VSAR_313:Prix Pictet

The finalist I choose is Benny Lam who is a Chinese photographer. This photo is the flat of Hong Kong. Forty square feet can be the size of a toilet, a kitchen, or a balcony. It is just enough for three or four people to lie down, four or five swivel chairs, or 57 pieces of tiled A4-sized paper. But for some people, it is the size of the entire house that they call home. The tiny space in this house compels you to do everything on or around the bed: sleeping, washing vegetables, having meals, writing letters, and watching TV. For some people, it is also where the children do homework and play games. Living here is like being trapped in a cage. The dilemma is what it’s all about. In our mind, the impression that Hong Kong gives us is usually prosperous and morden. However, he took this photo which shows the other side of Hong Kong’s unknown. To be honest, I really get shocked by this photo. Appreciating these photos for a long time made me feel like I was so depressed that I had to gasps to keep breathing. Through this group project, I find that different people have different perspectives on the same thing and I learned a lot from my teammates.

VSAR_302: “Letters to a young artist” and the Ted talk: Be an artist, right now.

The article I read in “Letters to a young artist” is about the confidence and the determination, which tells me that most of time, determination is more important than the confidence. Take me as an example, as an English language learner, it is hard for me to decide to learn English in the very beginning, because if I chose it, I have to pay more attention and time on it. And through the process, I gradually get the confidence. So you can see the determination is before the confidence. In another word, without the determination, the confidence will not exist which is also suitable for the art learning. Determination is the start of the art learning. It is also a kind of the commitment that learners cannot give up durning learning. Then learners get the confidence from one work after another. About ted talk video, which tells us if you really love arts, do not find any reasons that are not matter to retard you do it. For instances, cannot get a high paid job, other people’s misunderstand, I do not have any talents on it, etc. Do not let ourselves be the tool that stop the art creations and the interests in arts. Too many real life’s rules tell us cannot do this, cannot do that. I especially love Martha Graham’s answer for what do you have to do to become a great dancer- JUST DO IT.

VSAR_302: Walnut Grove Park

On the last day of February, the professor led us to the Walnut Grove Park which is 4 miles away from CSUSM. It is a nice park. Unfortunately, the sun set in 5 minutes after we go there. I took these photos in this park. The first one is my classmate’s portrait. I want to show Rule of thirds in this photo. The second one is sunset sky. It is the Negative Space. The third one is the shadow of a big tree. After that is a close-up view of flowers which is Worm’s Eye View. The final one is the paw prints, which I want to show the Balance-Symmetrical.

VSAR_302: Views on Everybody Street

The film showcases a number of professional photographers and amateur photographers. They are committed to filming a variety of landscapes on the streets to highlight things or convey some kind of emotion. In addition, the real movements, behaviors and facial expressions of people on the streets also reflect people’s real lives. It’s also not hard to see from the film that some people are resistant to the camera and they may think it’s their privacy. Many others are happy to be photographed, perhaps older, when photography was not popular, making them curious about taking pictures. What affected me the most was that there was a photographer who photographed the gangster. It’s hard to imagine a gangster posing calmly in a position for someone else to take a picture. So, it has to be said that photography reflects, to some extent, the real world.

VSAR_302: Diptych & Triptych

My roommate Jason with his girlfriend Nina helped me to take these photos on the 13th of February in the apartment. Because Valentine’s day is coming, I want to show some images of love.

These models were made by my friends with 3D printers. I took these photos in the apartment on February 13 as well. Animal, Colosseum ,and human, I want to use these kinds of stuff to show that humans and animals should live in harmony, or even be friends.